Droplet Media workflow

We develop a website in five stages. At each stage there are some things we’ll need from you – it’s vital that you are involved in the process. This is a rough guide to the process, each business is unique, so each project will take a slightly different approach. Often we’ll be working on more than one stage simultaneously!

1. Discovery

Phil, our owner will meet with you at a time and place convenient to you, and try to get as much information as possible about your business or project. He’ll chat about the various features your site will need and how best to achieve your online goals

We’ll produce a Proposal laying out what we’ve discussed, with a price. If that’s to your liking we’ll draw up a simple contract describing exactly what we can expect from each other, which you can sign electronically.

For overseas clients, we’ll ask for a deposit before we start work, rather than use a contract.

We’ll arrange the domain registration and hosting accounts, if needed.

2. Creative

We’ll begin wireframing, producing design comps, graphics, typography and colour schemes.

3. Development

We’ll begin to build and code your site, and gather the content.

4. Testing

We’ll set up a staging site for testing.

We’ll test your staging site in a variety of modern web browsers, and on various different devices from mobile phones to large retina screens. We’ll fix any bugs we find.

We’ll ask you to test your site as well.

Once we’re all happy, we’ll present our invoice. Once that’s paid we’ll launch your site onto your server, and give you the passwords and information to administer your site.

5. Support and maintenance

If you find a problem with your site after the launch, which is due to an error or omission of ours, we’ll fix it for free, of course. If you’ve opted to retain us for support and maintenance purposes we’ll also keep a close eye on your site, and perform updates and administrative tasks.

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Let’s chat about your web project! 

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All web projects are unique, so estimating how long your project will take to complete is difficult until we know more about it! As a general rule, it typically takes us around two weeks to complete the work of building a site from scratch, but it is usually more like six weeks from initial meeting to completion as there is a lot of back and forth communication with our clients and decisions to be made. Obviously the quicker you are on your end, the quicker we’ll be! If you need things even faster, just ask, we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Lead time

Lead time is the delay before we can start work on your site due to the number of sites we’re currently working on.

The lead time is currently 2 weeks.


We are more than happy to agree a deadline with you, but don’t forget there are things we’ll need from you in order to meet it!

International clients

Please note that when we work with overseas clients, our methodology will not follow the process described above. There are obviously issues with communication, legal protections, liability insurance and invoicing.

We do work with clients overseas, but we agree our rates, workflow and other details with the client on an ad hoc basis.

We always require a deposit paid via Paypal before beginning work.

If you are a potential overseas client, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help realise your online goals.