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Don’t make the mistake of using a DIY website!

Yeah, okay, we would say that wouldn’t we? But here’s why.

We understand that when starting a business, money is tight, or non-existent. While we all know that having a website is vital, finding the funds to spend on a nice site is difficult. Better to wait until you’ve had a few clients, got established and then go for it. In the meantime a DIY site will do. I hear ya. But hang on a minute.

  1. Your website will almost certainly look like you did it yourself. Online site builders are getting pretty good, but they are nowhere compared to a professionally built site. There is nothing wrong in having a go at web design, the beauty of it is that as a community, web designers are very open and collaborative. We share our expertise so others can learn the ropes online for free. But that’s the thing. There is a lot to learn. Without taking the time to learn all the basics, your site won’t cut the mustard. It just won’t. You’ll put people off, potentially damaging your brand before you’ve got started. Trust me I’ve given estimates to potential clients, who have then opted for a DIY site. I’ve then visited their site and been mortified. More than once. So beware.
  2. Your website will look cheap, but you’ll end up spending more. Quite often, by the time you’ve paid through the nose for domain registration, bandwidth, the ability to remove unsightly adverts from your page, premium themes, fonts, images, email accounts, removal of the site builder’s own branding etc. You’ll have spent more than we would have charged, and have a far inferior site! Not to mention the valuable time you’ll spend. When you then decide to plump for a professional site, your web designer will have more work to do following on from your old site.
  3. Your website won’t stand out. You’ll be choosing from a limited number of themes, and they are pretty ubiquitous. Chances are another similar business will have an identical website to yours which does nothing for your credibility.
  4. Site builders offer limited features. Adding in crucial SEO tags, WAI-ARIA, microdata and other vital features can be difficult, involving code editing. One mistake can mess up your whole site, it will waste your valuable time and try your patience fixing it. Adding in new features in the future, like bookings handling, online invoicing or dynamic content is difficult or impossible.
  5. You won’t own your website. Site builders’ websites have control over your site and can change it at will. If you decide to move your site to a different server there aren’t any easy ways to do this. Your business may grow but your site will be held back in a quiet corner of the internet! Much better to start with a small quality website built professionally which is easily upgraded as your business gets bigger.
  6. Unhappy customers and poor support. Do a few internet searches about your chosen site builder and pretty soon you’ll come across angry customers posting complaints about issues like slow loading speed (your customers just won’t wait 10 seconds for your site to load), sites not appearing in google searches, and many other frustrations.

Take all the effort and stress out of creating your online presence by coming to us. Our basic websites are far better than anything you’ll get on a site builder, and we look after our clients. Get in touch today.