Digital Marketing Advice

If you have a small business, there are so many different ways you can market yourself online. It’s hard to know which channels will work best, and where you can best invest your time and money. We will sit down with you, find out as much as we can about your business, then offer a simple, effective plan to help you grow. Did I mention we’re certified by Google for Digital Marketing?

We will produce a detailed proposal, with a reasonable price for all the services we recommend, and you can pick and choose which you’d like us to do for you.

We also offer a combined digital marketing and SEO package which includes a full digital marketing audit and strategy, an SEO campaign to improve your organic search rankings, a setup of digital marketing channels, and lots more. Talk to us to find out how great this package is, and get a quote.

Here are some of our digital marketing services.

Photographers at a gig - Droplet Media web design

Low Cost band EPKs

Electronic Press Kits, or EPKs are a must for any artist or band seeking publicity, exposure and bookings. An EPK is your professional resume to the world. We can help you to collate the best media (text, images, videos, recordings etc) in the best formats, and design a simple, professional Electronic Press Kit. We can help you to distribute your EPK in various different ways to suit you – passworded web page (with analytics to track exposure), email,, and more. Get in touch to find out more.


We can create tailored mailshots to target and reach new customers with high quality printed materials, using the same design guidelines as your site and other marketing. Mailshots are a proven way to reconnect with your existing customers as well as engage new ones. Using the same firm that built your website brings consistency to the design. Consistent branding is important to appear professional and establish your business identity. Contact us to find out more.

email marketing by Droplet Media

Iscatels poster designs

Posters and Leaflets

We can design posters, leaflets, banners and other printed materials using the same design and branding guidelines that we have used on your website, giving you a consistent and businesslike look across all your communications.

Email Marketing

We can set up email mailing lists and design your Email template using popular services like MailChimp. We can incorporate mailing list/ newsletter signups into your site in many different ways.

We can configure your website to integrate with your email marketing – automatically sending newsletters with your latest blog posts, automatic social media posting and much more. Contact us to find out just what we can do, and how little it will cost!

We only organise opt-in email campaigns. Nobody likes spam!

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Search Engine Marketing

We can create a tailored SEM campaign for your business, incorporating keyword research, strategy, advert design, analytics and more to drive traffic to your site, and increase conversions.

Display Advertisements

We can design and implement display adverts which are displayed on other websites around the internet to increase your brand awareness, or to re-target website visitors. Contact us to find out more.

Social Media

We can advise you on how to produce a Social Media strategy, and help you to implement it. We can set up your accounts, produce graphics and images, help you gain followers. We don’t offer social media management, but there are plenty of firms we can recommend who do. We believe however, that the most effective use of social media is to do it yourself, and engage with your online friends.