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Phil Picton our Web designer in Ivybridge

Founded in 2015 by me, Phil Picton, Droplet Media is a very small creative agency based in Ivybridge, near Plymouth, in Devon. I created Droplet Media as a brand to build on my established freelance web designer business. My ambition is to grow Droplet Media to a full size agency.

All of the work at Droplet Media is currently done by me and my family, but because it’s set up as an agency, as the business grows I can bring in more freelancers or staff, or use other firms.

I work from a well equipped home office, which allows me to keep my costs to a minimum, and I pass those savings onto my valued customers with very competitive prices.

“A good developer will get it done, but a great developer enjoys doing it, and when you enjoy doing something, you’ll care about the small things.”

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